The brand

A collection to create connections. A selection of sensational ornaments. We advocate a creative and recreational mindset. A lifestyle based on positivity and balance, distinguished quality rather than quantity that leads astray. Our credo: to offer objects that last and stay, like that little emotion at the turn of the day that awakens us when life surprises us. We believe that before being a refinement, the art of living is a journey. A quest for the essential where luxury takes the form of a feeling of well-being within reach of dreams. Because through know-how, we aim at knowing “how-to-be”, because we are certain that what we own can help us know who we are, we want to give radiance and aura to all singularities. There is soul, a passion for beauty and an obsession with goodness in Camille Cassin's jewellery and lifestyle accessories. Like talismans that give us confidence, inspiration. A breath of fresh air. We defend the exigency and curiosity as a motor of evolution and elevation and elegance in the service of fulfilment. For those who doubt as well as for those who go for it, for artists' souls or conquering spirits, for everyday adventurers and the very sensitive, our philosophy combines personality and timelessness, unique and iconic. We pursue the joy of wearing and looking at what has been created with taste, care and honesty. Affordable excellence and, for all, the exception that makes a statement.

About Camille

Camille Cassin was born in Paris in 1995, lived in Frankfurt, Madrid, London and Geneva. Internalising more than four cultures and speaking six languages since a young age, her diverse background shaped the development of her creativity and perception of life. To get to know her, you have to look at her selection of jewellery and lifestyle accessories that reflect and reveal her. Her range is mischievous and distinguished, sincere and open-minded, dreamy, adventurous, curious and expert. Influenced by cultures and travels, memories and strong values, inspired by aesthetics and personal development, fashion and the beauty that is sometimes born in invisible little details. Her desire: to help others conquer, with confidence and high standards, a way of life based on creativity and dialogue of sensibilities.